Newbie with Miniportrait 402

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Newbie with Miniportrait 402

Postby gtr fan » Thu 15 December 2011 / 14:36 pm

Hi everyone,

My name is Rohin 32yo M from Sydney Australia.

I just purchased a excellent condition miniportrait 402 and a full set of 78 lens / filter's.

Looking forward to using this thing. Just want to confirm though I can't see any identifying marks on the film case other than it saying polaroid.

Am I right in assuming that the film case on the m402 is a 405? And this takes the Fuji 100c film pack?

Is it possible to put a 550 pack on the back of the 402, use the larger 4x5" paper? Would this result in slightly larger prints?

Look forward to hanging around here! :ebay:

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Postby Dêche » Thu 22 December 2011 / 14:30 pm

You're Welcome !
"J'ai bien envie de me faire chier à prendre des photos avec un film pourri, donc autant me faire chier jusqu'au bout…."

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