Hello from Detroit!

If you are new to the site, please take a moment and introduce yourself! This is a good section to break the ice and meet our very friendly community!
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Hello from Detroit!

Postby KevinWilburn01 » Thu 20 October 2016 / 01:04 am

Greetings to everyone from the small suburb of Bloomfield Hills (Detroit)! I've been collecting Polaroid cameras for about seven years now, accumulating approximately 30 in the process (my favorite is either my original 95 or my Mint in Box Polaroid Zip). While I've been wanting to join this community for two years now, I have not found a purpose whatsoever until my purchase of a very interesting Polaroid, the Minute Maker Plus SE. While it is a very bland camera (design wise), I can find very little information which ultimately marks this camera (in my mind) very peculiar. Anyways, I am a student and currently striving to graduate with a Masters in Architecture by my fifth year of college and while I'm no professional, I just find endless joy traveling and taking photos of landscapes and decaying buildings.

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Voir la galerie photo de ce membre

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