Hello form Long Island, NY

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Hello form Long Island, NY

Messagepar Mutinebullfrog » lun. 26 décembre 2016 / 18:35 pm

Hi, my name is Ed. I've been collecting Polaroids for many years. I love shooting with them. I'm currently using my 450 with color film and my One-step with B&W film. Absolutely love my SX-70's. They're the most beautiful camera ever made (in my opinion). My favorite camera to use is probably the 450. I just love the manual film wish is could get some B&W for it :cry: I also have a large collection of film cameras (to many to list). Also, still do some 35mm enlarging.

I attached a photo of a few of my Polaroids (taken with my One-step on Impossible 600 B&W film) I have about 20 Polaroid cameras including:

model 80
model 80B
model 800
model J66
model 340 Auto
model 360 Elec Flash
450 Auto
4 - SX-70's (3 are Alpha 1)
Colorpack II
Onestep Closeup
Kingstone Electric (by Berkey)

I have a few other stored away. Glad I found this forum, Thank you all!!!
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Messagepar Daniel » lun. 26 décembre 2016 / 18:43 pm

Hi there and welcome. I had friend who lives in Patchogue. :)
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Messagepar jj_reypol » lun. 20 février 2017 / 17:35 pm

Hello, it's nice to have you here with us :rocks:

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