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Hello from Poland!

Publié : mar. 11 avril 2017 / 21:10 pm
par peter_g
Hi! It's Piotr from Poland. Got my first Polaroid from my grandma, rediscovered how much fun it is around 2010. It's been my favorite format ever since.

I can't speak French but google translate works miracles :)

Publié : mer. 12 avril 2017 / 14:40 pm
par mimi_club
Hello~ I can't speak French too~ Google translate helps. :D

By the way, Poland stamps are beautiful.

Publié : ven. 14 avril 2017 / 17:05 pm
par carmen
Hi Peter and welcome!

Publié : ven. 14 avril 2017 / 21:26 pm
par bimo
Cześć Piotrek!

Welcome here, have fun and a lot of images.