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Hello and Salam from Pakistan !

Posted: Wed 12 April 2017 / 18:38 pm
by warpdrive
Hi everyone,

This is Faisal from Peshawar, Pakistan. I have been admiring and loving film photography for a long long time but only recently jumped into developing and processing myself. Lots of film stuff and chemistry to be imported from abroad, zero availability here. On the polaroid side, my only tool so far has been a Lomo Automat using Fuji instax Mini film. Now, I plan to go for a proper polaroid camera and I would need advice and suggestions for that. Need some good glass-lens system with fairly detailed photos and colour. Hope to make some new friends here :)

Cheers and Regards !

Posted: Wed 12 April 2017 / 19:08 pm
by Jules Biron
Welcome :)

Posted: Thu 13 April 2017 / 00:10 am
by jj_reypol
Hello Faisal, you're welcome here!

I'm not a specialist for cameras; I think the Polaroid sx-70 has good glass lenses
but the problem is the instant films from Impossible Project - IP films - are really
costly, and there are only 8 sheets per pack !

On the other hand the Instax Wide from Fuji are very detailed with vivid colors,
the camera has no glass lens but is not bad.

As Fuji stopped the FP-100C Glossy and Silk; there are not so many solutions…
I hope this will give you some ideas for your need.

Have a nice time, see you on the forum; don't hesitate if you have questions;
there are a lot of kind people who can answer you.

Jean Jacques ;-)

Posted: Thu 13 April 2017 / 09:16 am
by esger
Welcome !


Posted: Thu 13 April 2017 / 15:05 pm
by TouilleSniff