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Hello from Oregon

Publié : dim. 29 octobre 2017 / 23:06 pm
par skucera
Hi. I'm Scott and I found this forum yesterday after buying another Polaroid at a thrift shop yesterday, a collapsing One600 in blue. It had a good film pack in it, and lit its green LED right there in the shop. Not bad for $5. It turns out it only had one exposure left in its Impossible Project film pack, and that shot had been exposed to the light by someone who probably opened the camera to see if it had film in it.

I've been a long-time on-again, off-again Polaroid shooter. I borrowed a teacher's Polaroid Spectra in my senior year in college, and really wanted to buy my own, but they were really expensive back then, and I just never got one. Years later I inherited my grandpa's Polaroid Land camera and used it occasionally with Fuji instant film, but then we misplaced that camera in a move somehow. A few years ago I bought a Polaroid 210 Land camera to replace my grandpa's lost camera. Now that Fuji doesn't make pack film for Land cameras anymore, I've found four packs of recently expired film and a new battery, and I took a picture to prove the system works. Unfortunately, there's a current drain in the camera, and the battery was dead the next day when I went to take another picture, so I'm going to wire in a CR123A battery holder so I can replace batteries more cheaply. I also found the close-up and wide-angle lenses for my grandpa's camera and his 250 wink light, but not the camera itself. I'll keep looking... there are only a few more unpacked boxes left to open.

Also, I bought an older Polaroid OneStep camera a couple of years ago. I ran a few packs of Impossible film through it, and watched as their film got progressively better. Now that they've changed their name to Polaroid, I'm curious to try out the new film both in a one of my 600 cameras and in my Spectra. I just hope they make Land camera peel-apart film someday.


Publié : lun. 30 octobre 2017 / 01:55 am
par jj_reypol
Hello, welcome ! It would be nice to see your Polaroid images here in the Galerie!


Publié : lun. 30 octobre 2017 / 08:27 am
par axakadam
Welcooooome Dear Skucera !

Publié : lun. 30 octobre 2017 / 09:17 am
par facono
Hi Skucera, make yourself comfortable into the site and in the gallery. Where are you from, in Oregon. This name reminds me so good memories...