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Hello from Greece!

Publié : ven. 09 février 2018 / 14:53 pm
par after ego
Hello guys. My name is Bill,i am 27 years old.I live in a beautifull seaside city in the south of Greece named Kalamata and i discovered the magic of instant photography about 3 years ago when during watching a spanish movie i saw some original polaroid photos.The scene didn't make any huge impact on the film but it did on my mind.Since then many instant cameras have been passed by my hands and a huge amount of films.Amongst them as i remember: Polaroid sx-70 alpha 1,sx-70 land camera,sx-70 model 2,autofocus 660,Supercolor 635,Impulse the mauve edition,Supercolor Esprit (blue-yellow),Esprit (pink-grey),Cool Cam(red),1000s,2000,500,636 close-up,636(party pack edition),Image system Onyx,SLR680 SE,MiNT SLR670m,Polaroid 180,Polaroid 250 and except from polaroid i have used Fuji instax mini neo90,Instax wide 300,instax 500af and Lomo Instax wide central park edition.

As you may have already understood since the first time i got in touch with instant photography a mania hit my brain to collect as many instant cameras as i can.This has changed and now my equipment is limited to the cameras i used the most and the most precious for me.So finally now i have Polaroid 180,SLR680 SE in which i have put chrome body from sx-70,Image Onyx,2 Supercolor Esprits,MiNT SLR670m,Instax 500af and Lomo wide central park edition.

As for the films i have used many impossible project films,now the new polaroid originals but my true love is the expired film i have managed to have a good stock of.I love everything in instant photography even the failure.If it was in my hand i would prefer to shoot only polaroid films but because of the cost i have to use also instax films but i like also the aesthetic of it very much.

I am here to share my experience and photos and also to learn much more that i don't know about instant photography.

Thank you.


Publié : ven. 09 février 2018 / 15:14 pm
par esger
Welcome !

Publié : ven. 09 février 2018 / 21:21 pm
par Tincho

Publié : sam. 10 février 2018 / 10:24 am
par phgalano
Kalimera Bill : you're wellcome here !
Kalamata is one of the best place in the world, mainly Mikri Mantinia !!!!

Publié : sam. 10 février 2018 / 10:54 am
par after ego
Thank you so much.

Phgalano you have been here for holidays i guess.Its a really nice place. Unfortunately Greece isn't the best place to have passion for instant photography but god bless ebay :P

Publié : sam. 10 février 2018 / 19:33 pm
par phgalano
I was born in Athens, but I spent so much holidays in Kalamata ... thant I couldn't forget it !