Is it a fake?

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Is it a fake?

Postby tripleZone » Sun 16 September 2012 / 09:06 am

Question to the community:
I shot a TZ Artistic fade to black, but before I was able to scan the pics they all turned black (I'm so stupid). Fortunately I was able to restore them electronically - only by using the functions 'brightness' and 'contrast' as well. May I upload these restored pics to the gallery (with an accordant hint, of course)? Or would it be a fake?
Thank you for your answers!

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Postby ulf » Sun 16 September 2012 / 09:13 am

well, in my opinion, there is no problems, especially if you mention it.

and you'd be surprised to see some originals compared to what is posted here. and often without any mention that p-shop is in some ways involved...

not talking about the "real fakes", but these ones are usually spotted. not always though...

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