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Is this a Polaroid?

Publié : lun. 18 août 2014 / 21:17 pm
par Tooth
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Yesterday I bought a wonderful tote in a bookstore. It was covered with images of vintage cameras and I mentioned to my wife I had probably shot with half of them. She said that was really fun, and challenged me to find the rest and photograph with them so I would have used every camera on the bag. Now who could resist a challenge like that? Did I mention I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world?

The bag has 18 cameras and I’ve identified all but one. Three of them are Polaroids for sure – and the one pictured above is the mystery camera I think/thought was a Polaroid as well. But for the life of me I can’t find an image anywhere on the web that seems to match up.

Do any of you have an idea if it is indeed a Polaroid or if I’m misreading the form factor. Thanks a ton for any feedback.

Publié : lun. 18 août 2014 / 22:08 pm
par xya
yes, that's a polaroid j66
you were perfectly right.

Publié : lun. 18 août 2014 / 22:16 pm
par Tooth
Thanks xya. I can't believe how inexpensive this camera is on that big auction site. Can't wait to get one and take it out for a spin. Anything in particular I should be wary of in a used one?

Publié : mar. 19 août 2014 / 01:28 am
par 3rdTrick
The main thing to be wary of is that no film is available for this camera. That is why they go so cheap. The larger roll film cameras can be converted to use pack film. The J66 cameras are pretty much shelf queens.

Publié : mar. 19 août 2014 / 01:50 am
par Tooth
Thanks 3rd, I've been researching the camera since xya told me what I was seeing. Now I've read a lot about the problem with old film for these cameras, but found some with an expiration date of 1981. Probably not much will come from it, but for the project I have to give it a go!

Publié : mar. 19 août 2014 / 22:13 pm
par ulf
you won't have any results - unless you are really lucky - with an expired roll film from 1981.

the only way to shot with this camera is to replace the back with a pack 100 back.

and then it looks like that:



Publié : mer. 20 août 2014 / 00:45 am
par Tooth
I've looked at a couple of packfilm conversions ulf, it seems pretty complicated. Did you do that one? It looks really clean.

Publié : mer. 20 août 2014 / 17:04 pm
par ulf
yes, I did that one, it is not that complicated actually... just takes some time (especially to change the "leather" - which is absolutely not necessary of course).