I thought polaroid was out of business

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I thought polaroid was out of business

Postby jarrod13 » Wed 23 August 2017 / 03:21 am

I thought they closed down, but while in Walmart I saw the Polaroid snap touch (which looks pretty cool by the way, even though I don't like digital) so I'm wondering if they're still making cameras and film or is somebody else making these and just putting the Polaroid name on it?

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Postby peter_g » Wed 23 August 2017 / 22:54 pm

The brand survived but it's nothing it used to be. Although the Snap seems fun - a little digital camera with a built-in printer.

Polaroid is now a manufacturer of very generic stuff - sports cams, glasses, tablets, digicams. Snap is probably as close as they will get to the original concept of instant photography. They can't compete with Fuji Instax and The Impossible Project film fuels all orignal Polaroid cameras in use.

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