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Photo's batch number

Publié : ven. 14 décembre 2018 / 20:13 pm
par polaroidfan

I have a picture made 1984.I want to find out what is the model it was shot with?
I found a link to polaroidoriginals website, they explain the number from the possible times to now-days.
Does somebody knows how to decode old Polaroid batch numbers?

Publié : ven. 14 décembre 2018 / 21:27 pm
par Photawam
Thanks !

Publié : lun. 24 décembre 2018 / 13:21 pm
par scaf
Hi all,

For Christmas I made a script that decodes for you PO or IP's photo batch number.

I wrote it in MS Batch : ... ecoder.cmd

Useful if you have one or more photos and don't remember the batch they come from; don't decode it yourself : let the script do it for you !

Next to come : a bash version.

And I, too, would like to know the code of old Polaroid batch numbers :) ...

Publié : jeu. 27 décembre 2018 / 10:29 am
par scaf

As promised, here is a bash version of the script : ... al_decoder
After download, don't forget to set the executive rights on the file.

If you try those scripts, please tell me if they work (or not !) for you.