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Tough choice for soccer players for fifa 16 coins xbox one

Publié : mar. 20 octobre 2015 / 07:56 am
par utfifafff
Tough choice for soccer players for fifa 16 coins xbox one
Here was the dilemma posed by one Florida Knights club boys soccer coach in September.
Play for the Southwest Florida club. Or play for your high school. But don’t do both.
Or do both, but no promises when a college soccer coach arrives to scout and you're on the bench because you didn’t sign up full-time with the club.
Think about that for a second. It reads as an ultimatum. Pick now, your future may depend on it. That e-mail by the Knights coach came to me a week ago, after it made the rounds on social media.
Let's be honest. Many top teen-aged athletes in various sports play for their high schools and club teams.
Basketball has AAU, though AAU is smart enough not to get in the way of high school basketball. Baseball have summer and fall ball but it doesn’t infringe on the spring high school season.
But soccer isn’t programmed the same way. Many club coaches feel that development in soccer takes a different model outside of high school. College scouts aren’t going to high school games, they’re going to club tournaments observing the best players all on one field.
That begs the question, what's more important: Playing to show off for scouts or representing your community and trying to leave a legacy behind by filling your school's trophy cabinet.