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Film for 110 a

Publié : jeu. 10 janvier 2013 / 00:16 am
par Jeffmoorephoto
Is there really no where to get roll film for this ??!!

Publié : jeu. 10 janvier 2013 / 00:22 am
par facono
Polaroid roll film type 42 and 47 had been discontunued a long time ago, in the 70s. Be lucky! :wink: ... .php?id=75

Publié : sam. 12 janvier 2013 / 18:20 pm
par 3rdTrick
The 110a and 110b were the best roll film cameras made and can be converted to pack film that is still available from Fuji. There is a guy here in USA and I think there is also someone in UK that does the conversion. It is a bit pricey but the completed camera is just awesome.

Publié : lun. 21 janvier 2013 / 19:58 pm
par facono
I agree, I'm the proud owner of one of those converted cameras (exactly a 110A model modified with a 110B viewfinder) It's the top for myself. :wink:

Publié : mar. 05 février 2013 / 22:49 pm
par 3rdTrick
This is my 110a converted by Option8 to use packfilm. He is in USA but I believe there is someone in UK that does the conversions.



OP, please do not give up on your 110a, it can have a great future.

Publié : mer. 06 février 2013 / 00:14 am
par facono
Oh! A very nice piece of metal and glass. Yours seems to be brand new!

Publié : mer. 06 février 2013 / 19:12 pm
par 3rdTrick
He told me it would me it would look like it came that way from Polaroid. The only issue is it will not fit my Metz handle flash but I do not use that much anyway.

Publié : mar. 22 avril 2014 / 23:02 pm
par polaconv
If someone is interested i do 4x5 conversions and i'm Florence, Italy !!
Check my website and my facebook page!!