Film type/number for Polaroid J33 Land Camera?

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Film type/number for Polaroid J33 Land Camera?

Postby FlyingO » Mon 23 December 2013 / 18:14 pm

I'd like to find out what type/size/number/etc. of film my dad's old J33 Polaroid Land camera took (takes?). Can't seem to find that info. Granted, I'm just beginning my search but I thought I would start at the best place for this kind of info - the Polaroid Passion forums! Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance -

Well I didn't have to look very far.. just in another of these forums. "GatorDude" wrote that my J33 shoots Series 30 Roll Film that hasn't been made for a long time. Man I wish I knew of somewhere to get my hands on some film that would work. I guess I'll just have to chalk this one up to becoming a decoration piece. :( :? It's too bad though. It's like finding an old frisbee - they were meant to fly, not sit on a shelf! Same with cameras - meant to be used rather than just looked at. I've got a couple of friends who still have and use old Graflex cameras like back in the 30's and 40's.

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Postby facono » Mon 23 December 2013 / 18:25 pm

Hi Mike!
Your father's camera used 30-series roll film Polaroid which are largely discontuened and out of stock. Very sorry! Bookmark in your browser's favorites this site:
It's actually an excellent base to answer the kind of questions you asked for.
I wish you a merry Xmas!
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