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Roll Film for Kenilworth Box Camera

Publié : sam. 18 octobre 2014 / 18:41 pm
par Camielle
Hi there,

I just bought a Kenilworth Box Camera and I was wondering if anyone has ever used one to get some tips on roll films or how to use it. I assume Box Camera works with Instant Roll Film and I suspect there are quite rare to find (don't ask why I got myself into that haha) but if I manage to experience with this camera, I'd be thrilled.

Thank you!

Publié : sam. 18 octobre 2014 / 19:38 pm
par facono
Hi Camielle,
your camera has been designed for capturing 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch exposures on either number 120 or number 620 roll film, not on Instant Roll Film. But but you could try to tinker it, destroying the cardboard back and replacing it with an Instant back film holder, type CB-103 for pack 100 Instant Fuji film. However you will not have a large but square image . I realized a few years ago a conversion in this direction with a Six-16 Brownie Junior Kodak camera (1931-1934) that provides a larger image that fills almost the entire pack 100 frame. Here is what I got with my cutter knife, glue and black cardboard (and three hours of work):




I hope you'll get good advice with my work. :wink:

Publié : sam. 18 octobre 2014 / 21:22 pm
par Camielle
Hi facono,

That is actually brilliant what you did! I will give a try with roll films, I see that Kodak still sell the 120 ones but I'm definitely up to try a little tweak. Does the film holder have to be a CB-103 type for Fujifilm or do you reckon I could try with another?