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Recommendations on a Land camera

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 12:03 pm
par NadavRotem

I have a 440 Land camera and it has an issue with leaving a color on the film : ... SC9170.jpg

It happens on different films so I am sure it`s the camera.

So I am thinking about buying a new one, which one would you recommend ?
I would like a glass lens as I think it give better optics.

Thank you in advance and nice to be here

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 14:11 pm
par 3rdTrick
Hi Rotem, welcome to the forum. It looks like light leaks or possibly you did not pull the film out smoothly. If it is light leaks, they will get larger if the film is left in the camera for a long time. It is easy to check the bellows with a flashlight in a dark room. The pinholes can be fixed with model paint or dark nail polish. All of the metal body cameras have glass lenses and a few of the plastic bodies do.

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 14:36 pm
par NadavRotem
A light leak is a possible thing, I guess I can test only after I finished the 10 film inside the camera..
I dont think it`s a problem with the way I am pulling the photo out because it`s a consistent thing that happens with the same shape and the same place over and over so I think it`s more then a coincidence.
Do you have a specific model that you recommend ?
Thank you very much !

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 21:24 pm
par 3rdTrick
I like the 250 because it has the Zeiss finder but does not have the electronic timer that gets in the way of the Fuji film packs. The 100 is also good and was the first packfilm camera. Basically anything I find cheap at a flea market is good...

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 21:53 pm
par NadavRotem
Hi 3rdtrick
thank you for your answer.
the 100 is a very old camera right ?
probably hard getting those at a good condition..
I can only buy from Ebay as I dont have a flea market here in Israel that sells Polaroids...

Publié : mer. 02 octobre 2013 / 21:56 pm
par 3rdTrick
They are all old and from the 1060s but they made millions of them so it is quite easy to get one in good, usable condition.