Polaroid 100 or 4x5?

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Polaroid 100 or 4x5?

Postby annabelledodd » Sat 05 July 2014 / 07:26 am

Hi all,

so inspired by this gargantuic Polaroid project http://www.coininfifa.com I am looking around for Polaroid. But I thing this 100 format is to tiny - 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 to have it on the wall. So I was thinking about 4x5 format, but worrying if there is a camera which is portable like let's say medium format? or this is absolutely cumbersome device, tripod and all this stuff?

Land cameras ale closest to my feelings but don't like lenses in these. All of these are like plastic f/8 What do you think? Is it worth to get into 4x5? this is tempting - a big piece of photo out of camera, but can I carry it somewhere and just shoot on the street with it or too much trouble?

all the best,
belledodd anna

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Polaroid 100
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