Automatic 100 Land Camera shutter question

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Automatic 100 Land Camera shutter question

Postby greatjohnscott » Thu 10 March 2016 / 15:41 pm

Hey all,
Currently working on an Automatic 100- first two images taken with it came out totally black. I've never had to deal with this issue with my 210, so I'm just looking for a little guidance. I took a video of the shutter operating in both normal/bright indoor light and with the sensor blocked ( a bottle of powerade. I only have so many hands). Do these speeds/operations look right to you guys?

Normal light:

Sensor covered:

Thanks in advance!

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Postby Dancorp » Fri 11 March 2016 / 00:19 am

It seems that your camera is correctly powered. (Not the common battery issue in your case)
In my point of view, the only think to check is the speed setting. Are you set your camera to 100 iso ?
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Postby sawomedia » Sun 13 March 2016 / 20:03 pm

Obviously you are using the 3000 ISO mode, at least for the video.

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