SX-70 Focus wheel stuck.

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SX-70 Focus wheel stuck.

Postby Pietro » Tue 03 December 2013 / 19:38 pm

I've just got a SX-70 in mint condition but the focus wheel is stuck, it doesn't move. I still haven't tried it with film (I don't have empty packs either). I wonder if it is normal that the focus wheel doesn't work without a pack of film inside the camera.

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Postby jonrev » Tue 03 December 2013 / 22:27 pm

Follow instructions and carefully (because it's plastic, no-matter how much you want to think it's metal - I've already broken one) remove the shutter unit faceplate. From there, you can attempt to clean any gunk out of the gear cogs; a dental pick works best.

Beyond that, I'm not sure - I've never had one totally seize up, yet. Good luck.

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Postby Sparkling P » Mon 28 April 2014 / 12:53 pm

I have the same problem, but I'm totally unable to remove those square screws at the back of shutter housing :( Don't know what to do...
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