Question about my new (old) Polaroid Land Camera

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Question about my new (old) Polaroid Land Camera

Postby attocean » Tue 17 March 2015 / 00:52 am

Hey All,

Someone is sending me this camera tomorrow:

I'm not much of a photographer and have never even held a polaroid in my life, but need to do some quick portrait shots for a friend using a polaroid. I tend to like the somewhat in-focus polaroids that are more true to color than the really washed out, smeary abstract shots.

I like these kind of polaroid portraits for example:

It's still clearly film, cool textures and interesting. But not like crazy yellow/brown over the top colors.

1. What film should I buy?
2. Assuming the camera is good shape - is it possible to take decent shots with this?
3. Any basic tips I should keep in mind when shooting? Flash vs no-flash? How much light is recommended? Any other settings?

Thanks so much!

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Postby jonrev » Tue 17 March 2015 / 05:20 am

It's a Pronto which uses SX-70 film through Impossible. Film is not going to be perfect, the sample shots appear to be older, probably taken with a Spectra System on Image film when it was still fresh. The Impossible stock's results will vary based on temperature and shielding from light. You may get yellowy-reddish overtones from color, so if you don't want that use B/W.

Focusing is by guessing; I believe Prontos are a tad sharper than the fixed-focus OneSteps, but aren't as good as a folding SX-70. Everything else is automated - you probably won't have much trouble so long as you have plenty of light.

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