Shutter won't fire - Sonar Autofocus SX-70

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Shutter won't fire - Sonar Autofocus SX-70

Postby CourtneyB » Sat 28 July 2018 / 18:58 pm

I've just bought an untested Sonar Autofocus on the cheap. Basically I put the fresh film in, it ejects the dark slide, there is a noise when I turn on the autofocus and I can see through the viewfinder.

However when I press the shutter, nothing happens. A little bit of darkness comes up on the view finder but there is no sound and I can't feel any mechanisms working.

I then opened it up and pull the last film slide out as well as the whole pack of film, both with much difficulty (not sure if that is normal or not, thought I'd mention it).

Has anyone else had/fixed this problem?

Pictures of the insides:

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