Flash Polaroid 635 CL (supercolor) ?

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Flash Polaroid 635 CL (supercolor) ?

Postby chelele » Tue 19 August 2014 / 11:42 am


J'ai un souci avec mon polaroid 635 CL (supercolor)
Sur l'appareil, il y a deux diodes lumineuses (une rouge et une verte).

De ce que j'ai compris, elles correspondent au flash.

Elle ne s'allument plus et mes photos sont couleur sépia et vraiment claires, pourtant j'utilise bien les flèches darkness et lighter en fonction du temps.

Je n'arrive pas à me souvenir si le flash s'était bien enclenché lors de ma prise de photos .

Des infos à me donner ? Une solution ?
Mon pola est-il mort ? Où puis-je le faire réparer ?

Merci d'avance.


Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my polaroid 635 CL.

The two diodes correspond to the flash.

Now, it doen't work and my photo have light colors and they are blurred.

Do you know how can I fix it ?
I don't remember if the flash worked or not this weekend.


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Postby Ruben » Tue 19 August 2014 / 19:53 pm

Hi there,

Maybe you could check out this site , they got repair manuals over there.

I don't know if it is a technical problem or not. Try to check if your flash is working (maybe It need extra batteries ??? I don't know it for that camera)
Or maybe an on/off button ? I just make a guess.

But remind to hold and keep holding the camera steady when you make a picture (or you will have some blur) , did you also chose the correct focus point ? If you set your focus around 5 meter and you put your object at 1 meter your picture will also be blurry

For the collors : I can think about 2 things :
a) camera : you can play with the electric eye to use more or less light.
b) film : you didn't put away your film in a dark place or you let light reach your film somehow.
b) maybe you are using a sepia-film ?

This is what I think it could be. I m also new into polaroid but I did some research for myself , hope it could help you

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