Spectra film in bulk!

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Spectra film in bulk!

Messagepar jrtiluvu » jeu. 18 avril 2013 / 05:39 am

I work in publishing and recently came into a back stock of 150+ packs of Spectra film along with a handful of 1200si cameras.

For people who know and appreciate Polaroid products, does anyone have any recommendations as to where I should try to make my film available?

I had almost 200 packs of 600 film that went fairly quickly on eBay and through Craigslist, but it seems like Spectra film and cameras are not as popular?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Messagepar xya » jeu. 18 avril 2013 / 08:22 am

the most interesting questions would be: which date did they expire and how were they stocked? if there are some cameras, open one pack and show us some shots made with this film. you could easily sell it via this forum. shipping rates would be appreciated.
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Messagepar Greg Miller » ven. 19 avril 2013 / 05:00 am

I know I would be interested in some good Spectra film. I have noticed the same thing- it just doesn't seem to draw the same cash as the 600, and nowhere near what good Time Zero gets. Ebay might still be your best bet- I know I would find it and buy a bunch... for the right price, obviously...
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Messagepar jrtiluvu » sam. 20 avril 2013 / 07:28 am

The expiration dates range from 9/04 to 4/07 -- almost all of them are 4/06, 2/07, or 4/07.

I need to figure out a way to post a photo of the film to this forum using HTML -- not my strong suit!

In regards to shipping, I usually opt for USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping, but could do FedEx or UPS for international addresses. I would just ask anyone who is purchasing the film to cover the cost of shipping.

Will take some sample pics try to figure out how to post...


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