Film for Polaroid Land Pack film holder 405

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Film for Polaroid Land Pack film holder 405

Postby hoodledoodles » Wed 06 March 2013 / 10:05 am

I have a 405 Polaroid Land Pack film holder which I would like to use with my Bob Rigby pinhole camera. it takes series 100 films, and recommends either 108 colour film or 107 b/w film. 105 produces a usable negative as well as the positive print.

I understand this film is discontinued but I heard that Fuji had produced a compatible film - is that correct? If so please can you advise me what I should buy and what sort of costs I'll be looking at?



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Postby facono » Wed 06 March 2013 / 15:59 pm

Hello Hoodledoodles!
I owned a few years ago this pinhole camera. It's fine and working well. Do not forget to give the rights settings to the cams and rolls in the back of the camera for the best adjustment between the 405 film holder and the box. So, You can find on Ebay a lot of out-dated guenine Polaroid films but it's now expensive. If not, it's easy to find the 100 iso Fuji FP100C film in cartridges. They fit your back film holder very well.
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