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lost and confused: Instant film holders for my Wista 45

Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 18:07 pm
par RNH
Hi, i'm new to this forum and to the idea of instant films.

I just bought a Wista 45 on ebay with which I'd like to shoot polaroids/instant films. I'm pretty sure I have a Graflok rotating back, which seems to mean I can use a Polaroid 545 pro film holder or a Fujifilm PA 45 instant pack film holder. Am I right?

I see plenty of Fuji backs on line and I hear that, unlike polaroid, I can still buy fuji film.

Can someone offer me some help? I'm thinking i should buy the PA 45. Can anyone confirm this will work with my wista? Given this is 'Polaroid Passion' i'm thinking readers here may encourage me to buy the polaroid back - I would if I knew for sure it would work, i could buy one soon, and I could get film... will it? can I?

Important info: I'm based in Paris, France. I will use this in Nigeria (hot and humid). I leave in 2 weeks and need to find a solution asap.

Any help much appreciated.


Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 18:11 pm
par klaxamer
Yes, you can use Polaroid 545 holder for 4x5 sheet film, Polaroid 550 holder (or Fuji PA45) for 4x5 pack films, Polaroid 405 holder (or Fuji PA145) for Pack 100 films

Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 18:14 pm
par xya
yes, you can use the pa-45 holder with your wista. and yes, there is fuji film available. but fuji 4x5 film has been out of production since last year and the remaining stock is quite expensive.

you can switch to fuji fp film, smaller in size, which is widely available and inexpensive. for your wista you need either a pa-145 holder or it's polaroid equivalent, the 405.

Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 22:00 pm
par RNH
thanks guys. this is helpful - just one more question... various forums suggest that both Polaroid 550 and Fuji PA45 are the same size and compatible with pack films (FP3000B, FP100C) - is that right?... thanks again

Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 22:13 pm
par xya
yes and no. yes, the 550 and the pa45 are the same size. but no, they are not compatible with fp3000b and fp100c.

550 and pa45 are 4x5, so it's fp3000b45 and fp100c45 for them.

405 and pa145 are for fp3000b and fp100c, also called pack 100 film.

don't mix it up, the holders are quite expensive.

Publié : mar. 09 juillet 2013 / 22:35 pm
par RNH
thank you for the clarification