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Fujifilm Instax 500AF!!

Publié : lun. 13 décembre 2010 / 18:52 pm
par Instant Integral
Does anyone have one? If so do you like it? I want to get one someday but never can seem to find one or they are too expensive! I love my 100 and this seems to be a neater one since it has AF.

Publié : lun. 13 décembre 2010 / 19:04 pm
par Daniel
Hi there, I had one, very nice camera. I bought new on Ebay for peanuts few years later.

Publié : lun. 13 décembre 2010 / 19:40 pm
par mrfunk
It's a "good" camera, anyway it's better in a lot of way than the Instax 100, 200 and 210.

I have one and got it early on when I realised that I was going to shoot a lot of Instax pictures. It cost me an arm and a leg but it was worth it. I bought mine in japan with the website
They offer acces to people living outside Japan to the N°1 auction site in Japan (more popular than ebay) which is Yahoo Auction Japan.

So with all the extra cost like customs and international shipping it cost me around 150 euros. It's in mint condition and works like a charm.

It has an AF with minimum focus at 60 cm (2feet), a three elements retracting lens that makes it slimer than the others Instax camera (it's still bulky as hell), three flash mode : flash, anti red eye flash and NOFLASH (it's the only Instax camera that has a flash you can turn off), there is also a standard screw tripod mount under the camera and auto extraction of the darkslide. Other than that it works like any other Instax camera.

It's expensive in most cases but if you like Instax format, it's a good investement.

Publié : mar. 14 décembre 2010 / 02:24 am
par Instant Integral
Yeah I love the Instax Series its great.

I wish Fuji would make another AF camera or better yet a SLR!

Fujifilm Instax 500 AF

Publié : mar. 17 février 2015 / 12:00 pm
par bigshotpolaroids
Hello, I wrote a very detailed review here ...

My #InstaxIsland project was just featured here ...

I added some photos to my gallery today.

Publié : mar. 17 février 2015 / 23:09 pm
par CCWH
Thanks for this review.

Publié : jeu. 19 février 2015 / 08:15 am
par silver_surfeur
ça donne envie d'en trouver un !

Publié : lun. 01 juin 2015 / 15:08 pm
par ed zaha
bigshotpolaroids, nice review :heat: :heat: