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Repairing Plastic Parts

Posted: Wed 29 August 2012 / 02:43 am
by JFB

I've been having a great time with my "New" 100 Land Camera. It's in great shape except for a long, thin crack in the textured plastic on the face of the camera on the side just under the shutter cocking lever (when the camera's folded), and the plastic ring that holds the metal retaining ring for the lens over the electric eye is split. The ring is held tight with an elastic for the time being. I'd like to fix both, especially the retaining ring. Does anyone know what type of plastic these pieces are made of and what is the best glue to use? Thanks!

Posted: Wed 29 August 2012 / 09:11 am
by bimo
I suppose neoprene glue may work well on such plasic parts