Polaroid 330!

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Polaroid 330!

Postby gmariani » Fri 08 June 2012 / 17:58 pm

Hello! My name is Genevieve. I have been interested and involved in alternative photography for a long time, though have never really explored the wonderful world of Polaroid. However, I recently inherited a vintage Polaroid 330 camera. I would love to be able to use it - but I am not certain what kind of film I would use. From what I have seen online, Type 100 seems like it might the one . . . could anyone give me a little more insight, here? It would be much appreciated.


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Postby bimo » Fri 08 June 2012 / 18:16 pm

Hi Genevieve, and welcome here !

As you saw, a 330 Polaroid camera uses type 100 films.

There is one first thing you should check before buying films and starting shooting: how is the battery compartment?
The shutter and right exposure requires a 3V battery, type CR123 or 2xAA or 2xAAA with a battery holder.

You may ahve to modify the battery compartment as told in this tutorial :
http://en.polaroid-passion.com/forum/vi ... php?t=7466

If you need some help, feel free to post some pictures of the compartment as it is now, some people around here can certainly help you getting the camera working!

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