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Fujifilm Compatibility

Publié : lun. 14 janvier 2013 / 04:53 am
par XxBBJxX
Does anyone know if there is any fujifilm that is compatible with a Polaroid 600 Spirit? I just bought one off of ebay and have a really low budget, so is here any where I can buy film SUPER cheap? Like for about $10. Anyone want to sell any to me? :?:

Publié : lun. 14 janvier 2013 / 07:29 am
par Greg Miller
The only film you can use in that camera is either expired Polaroid film, or Impossible film. No Fuji film will work in that camera. The Instax film uses a different process and cannot be adapted to work in a Polaroid no matter what you do. The only Fuji film you can use in any Polaroid is the peel-apart film and that costs around $10 a pack in most cases. The 600 Spirit can't use that film either, so your only option for new film is going to be from Impossible. Either that, or find an old ColorPack camera cheap and use that. Be prepared to find flash cubes for it as there is no electronic flash. If you want an electronic flash, try to find a ProPack camera. Not always cheap, but you can get a great deal on one of you look and you're patient. You can get a nice solid-body ColorPack camera for around $8-$10 most of the time. I found mine in the junk pile after a tag sale. There is, unfortunately, no cheap way whatsoever to use your Spirit camera. Plus, you are going to have an issue using the Impossible films without shielding and those cameras can be very tricky to install a frog-tongue on. You might want to "re-Bay" it and find a more suitable camera for your film budget.

Publié : mar. 15 janvier 2013 / 12:54 pm
par irina
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