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Impossible Project Film Sensitivity without Frog Tongue

Publié : dim. 18 mai 2014 / 13:41 pm
par Lobalobo
Impossible Project's site says that its film (presumably including its new film) is light sensitive after ejection. But the site also lists the Polaroid SX-70 Frog Tongue as discontinued. Bad combination. Does anyone know if the new film is in fact light sensitive after ejection and, if so, whether newer film will not be? Best alternatives, including DIY alternatives, to a Frog Tongue?

Publié : dim. 18 mai 2014 / 21:55 pm
par scaf

The SX70 Frog Tongue never worked well for me :(.
Therefore I use this trick : . It works pretty well on my SLR680.

Publié : lun. 19 mai 2014 / 22:20 pm
par jonrev
They have improved their color stock significantly in that shielding is almost not required anymore, though I haven't tested their new black and white film yet.

Publié : mar. 20 mai 2014 / 00:23 am
par scaf
That's right. The new films don't need as much shielding as before.
However, strong lights still require shielding. As I often shoot outside, I'm careful with the sun.

Publié : mar. 20 mai 2014 / 06:49 am
par jonrev
In most cases, flipping the camera upside-down as the film is ejecting is usually sufficient; just be sure to toss it in a box or some place dark ASAP for long-term development.