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Help :/

Postby dinitini612 » Tue 02 September 2014 / 10:32 am


I'm just having a question..

I have to find for an event anywhere a comapany who prints me a logo on this white banner of those polaroid films.

Do you have an idea who offers a service like this?
Or do you know anything else that could help me?

Thanks a lot!


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Postby 1255 » Mon 08 September 2014 / 19:30 pm


do you mean printing a logo on the white border surrounding the film?

prior to exposing the film?

if so, this would be difficult, time consuming, and costly. and likely the only company with the capability would be the impossible project
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Postby jonrev » Mon 08 September 2014 / 22:39 pm

I believe Impossible Project does offer custom printing on the frame, but I could be wrong - thought I read that somewhere years ago.

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