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Cleaning chemicals from 100type photos

Publié : sam. 12 août 2017 / 11:53 am
par TheFuZZ
Hi guys, I am going to shoot my first Fuji FP-100C Silk packfilm. I would like to keep my photos and their frames clean from the chemicals. In the manual of my 320 type camera there is a picture of cleaning the photo with some kind of spatula or sponge. Where can I get that thing? Or is there any alternative which I could use instead?


Publié : sam. 12 août 2017 / 12:48 pm
par ulf
the sponge was meant to fix the image for old b/w films.

no need to clean any chemicals from fuji films.

just let it dry.


Publié : sam. 12 août 2017 / 13:45 pm
par TheFuZZ
Ok, thank you.