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Posted: Sat 11 June 2016 / 16:44 pm
by xya
polaconv wrote:...But keep your marketing lessons for yourself, the way people are into the instant photography world is the reason why i'm selling all my stuff... I quitting this environment, it doesn't fit me anymore, at all..

vous avez pas été gentil avec lui. on perd donc un futur-ex membre précieux :wink: mais bon, il est venu pour nous quitter...

polaconv wrote:That's enough and i have no willness anymore even to load a polaroid camera to go and take a few pics....

mais vendre cher ce que lui reste du pola détesté au lieu de le donner, ce n'est pas gentil non plus.

polaconv wrote:The forum is full of thousands of pictures that are just ugly or wothout any sense but only for the reason why they have been taken with an impossible film they are considered art.....

oups, je ne savais pas qu'il ne fallait poster que de l'art... :shock:

polaconv wrote:That's too much for me.. I'm leaving

on ne va pas verser des larmes. :roll:

polaconv wrote:So you want my stuff buy it, you don't want it.... Adieu!!

donc, il est parti 8) ouff!

Posted: Sat 11 June 2016 / 18:38 pm
by polaconv
Now just wait other hundreds of messages that will tell "oh xya, you are the best!!" "Wow xya how cool you are" "thanks xya your words are right" "xya what the planet will be wothout you"....

Posted: Sat 11 June 2016 / 19:45 pm
by tom@
Allez comme ça devient du n'importe quoi je verrouille ce sujet.
Nous membres sans talents retournons apprendre les bases de la photographie et Polaconv retourne sur ebay vendre ces trésors!