problem with images in bright light

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problem with images in bright light

Messagepar luke1981 » jeu. 29 mars 2018 / 15:05 pm

Hi, I just bought a refurbished sx-70 from polaroids originals and I shot my first b&w pack of film. But I have a problem with some pictures: if I take a picture in broad daylight I get a strange bar two thirds up the frame:

In some cases I can see the mark of the front door (the one with the Polaroid Land camera logo on it) on the image (the bar is exactly where the photo meets the slot when expelled)
If I take the shot in shadow it doesn't happen. Any ideas/help?

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Messagepar mimi_club » lun. 04 juin 2018 / 19:51 pm

It seems like a kind of light leakage.
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