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Elvina on Eldridge St.

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- Le Dicoroïd de analogfedayeen

Sx-70 sonar

Elvina on Eldridge St.

Analogfedayeen - Jeudi 02 Novembre 2017 à 01h 14m 49s

I’m sorry I don’t see them on eBay right now-I’ve never seen this particular filter set before. Besides that, I always try to shoot the Spectra with a LOT of light- I then keep the image covered for around 90-120 minutes before looking at it... I think all of these things combined with a little luck has enabled me to pull some extra saturation out of the film... hope this helps- if I find the other filter kit I will notify you immediately.
Axakadam - Mardi 03 Octobre 2017 à 09h 49m 12s
Shame on me. I have the Special Effects filter set but I never heard of other enhancing types of filters for Spectra cameras.. It would be so kind if you could indicate the reference, so I could hunt on EBay ;-)
Jj_reypol - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 23h 12m 38s
Jj_reypol - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 23h 12m 31s
Superb photo ! And yes, as Axakadal said, incredible colors !
Analogfedayeen - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 19h 26m 56s

I also have a dozen filters for Spectra cameras (I believe I have every one ever produced) and use them often- they also help increase saturation. I got very lucky on eBay once and got all of them still in the original box for $5. They also work for the Instant Pro as the cameras design is essentially the same as a standard Spectra.
Axakadam - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 18h 02m 24s
That's more and more magical.. because I'm also using a Minolta Instant Pro... What am I missing ;-)
Analogfedayeen - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 16h 09m 28s

Perhaps it is because I use a Minolta Instant Pro to shoot Spectra- it allows completely manual controls. There is no other Spectra Camera like it- check it out!
Axakadam - Lundi 02 Octobre 2017 à 10h 34m 53s
Dear Friend, that's really wonderful but, if you permit, I must ask something to develop my photo reading.. In this website you're the only one who could get such a saturated colors from a spectra film.. What's the magic behind this ? Is this just lightning ?
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Infos sur ce Polaroid® de analogfedayeen
Titre :
Elvina on Eldridge St.
Description :
Elvina again, this time shot on Spectra on the Lower East Side
Type de film :
Impossible Color Image/Spectra
Appareil Photo :
Minolta Instant Pro
Vue :
2557 fois
Date d'ajout :
Mots clés :
Portrait, female, Trinidadian, Spectra, Minolta instant Pro, Lower East Side, LES, Manhattan, NYC
© analogfedayeen

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