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Quiet on Christmas Eve

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Fuji fp-100.
Polaroid originals
Body stocking
Neg scan
Reclaimed negative
000 flash
Bleached negative negative scan
Negative scan

Quiet on Christmas Eve

Capturedlivephoto - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 12h 51m 20s
Capturedlivephoto - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 12h 51m 06s
My sincerest aplologies to everyone. This was not a 669 photo, it is a Fuji FP-100C recovered negative. I was shooting both that day. Actually, it was a Polaroid 250 as well. However, I did try to bleach the 669 negative with no luck. My multi-tasking isn’t what it once was. This was a straight scan with no adjustments to even contrast it density. I toyed with some contrast and couldn’t be happy, so I just left it alone. Thanks for catching! I’ll post the 669 later as a comparison.
Axakadam - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 11h 50m 25s
Axakadam - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 11h 50m 22s
In my humble knowledge a 669 negative cannot be recovered with such a clean success, just because it has no real negative.. And I know no process that could explain the vivid colours of the flags compared to the rest. It's magic.. Even with 100C you can't obtain such colour filtering, by saving only the whites, blues & reds. Anyway, if the whites of the flags are pure white, how the whites of the tomb stones could be full sepia ? I can make this in photoshop in 2 minutes but with a 669 reclaiming, it's just magic.. I'm very curious to learn how to do. This process would be very useful in nude photography..
Axakadam - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 11h 44m 49s
Elizerman - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 09h 43m 04s
My fav' of the day! 669?look like more fujifilm 100C bleached negativethan 669 film! isn'it??
Elizerman - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 09h 40m 54s
Charles p. - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 08h 42m 43s
Charles p. - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 08h 42m 36s
Yes indeed, great range of colors! How were you able to recover the negative of this 669 film?
Axakadam - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 08h 07m 04s
Axakadam - Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 à 08h 06m 57s
All those trees like praying hands towards the sky... It's fantastic.. but how did you neutralized the color range except the flags ?
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Merry Christmas

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Titre :
Quiet on Christmas Eve
Description :
Ventured out on Christmas to photograph an old section of a cemetery with an equally old tree.
Type de film :
Polaroid® 669
Appareil Photo :
Polaroid® 180
Vue :
1149 fois
Date d'ajout :
Mots clés :
Polaroid 180, Polaroid 669, expired film, negative recovery, negative scan,
© capturedlivephoto

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