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What Lies Beneath

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- Le Dicoroïd de capturedlivephoto

Implied nude
Mountain cur. rescue dog
Negative scan
Led zeppelin
000 flash
Fuji fp-100.
Nikon sb-600 flash
Camera: polaroid big shot film: fuji fp-100c
Neg sca

What Lies Beneath

Axakadam - Lundi 09 Avril 2018 à 01h 28m 26s
wow.. have to learn this..
Capturedlivephoto - Dimanche 08 Avril 2018 à 21h 07m 25s
I do know that when she was seated, the black stool was quite visible. If I were to do this again, I would leave the seat out on the first exposure.
Capturedlivephoto - Dimanche 08 Avril 2018 à 21h 05m 44s
Axakadam, I don't recall which image was first. There were several photos taken for this project. I do know that I underexposed each image about one notch on a Polaroid 100.
Axakadam - Dimanche 08 Avril 2018 à 18h 53m 05s
Dear Friend, I'm really amazed.. In such a configuration, I never saw a double exposure between a dark subject and a bright one, where you don't see the shades of the dark jacket on the bright skin... I would really like to know hox you succeed this ?
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Infos sur ce Polaroid® de capturedlivephoto
Titre :
What Lies Beneath
Description :
Selected for the 12:12 Project for “Gender Swap” theme.
Type de film :
Fujifilm Fuji FP-100C
Appareil Photo :
Polaroid® 100
Vue :
476 fois
Date d'ajout :
Mots clés :
Double exposure, negative scan
© capturedlivephoto

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