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Lumière froide

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Flash back

Lumière froide

Spolaroids - Dimanche 10 Février 2019 à 13h 12m 32s
Thanks all for divine involvement.

Facono, I know the work of Harry Gruyaerts, he plays with strong color effects within the travel photography.
Jj_reypol - Dimanche 10 Février 2019 à 11h 21m 55s
Congrats, a wonderful pic of the day !
Facono - Dimanche 10 Février 2019 à 01h 06m 12s
Congratulations Spolaroids and thanks for your detailed answer.
It reminds me of Harry Gruyaerts' strong colors along the North See shores, do you know his work?
Triplezone - Samedi 09 Février 2019 à 19h 33m 04s
A very 'deep' Instax wide. The blue spot in the centre is amazing.
Laloue - Samedi 09 Février 2019 à 16h 32m 33s
Impressive dark sky !
Spolaroids - Samedi 09 Février 2019 à 12h 30m 43s
Thanks the reactions.
It was very cold that day by the wind, so that the light felt
cold. Through a hole in the clouds allowed the low winter sun for just to set the cold environment in enchanting sunlight. They sun themselves for the rest of the day no longer show. Facano; This is a sleepy province Dutch town of Venlo near to German Dutch border, that gains momentum once a week on Saturday by German tourists who mainly buy coffee, cigarettes and flowers.
Facono - Samedi 09 Février 2019 à 09h 39m 14s
You have a lot of yellow with good parts of red, iisn't so cold! A brilliant capture of winter light, it's beautiful and where is it?
Consommable - Samedi 09 Février 2019 à 08h 09m 10s
Surtout bien saisie, cette lumière.
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Suivant Road red.

Infos sur ce Polaroid® de SpolaroidS
Titre :
Lumière froide
Type de film :
Fujifilm Instax Wide
Appareil Photo :
Intax Wide 300
Vue :
355 fois
Date d'ajout :
© SpolaroidS

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