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Shizophrenia ante portas

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- Le Dicoroïd de tripleZone

Shizophrenia ante portas

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Infos sur ce Polaroid® de tripleZone
Titre :
Shizophrenia ante portas
Description :
Il castello incantato di Sciacca: A madman's personal garden filled with 1.000 sculpted heads.

Filippo Bentivegna was born in Sciacca in 1888. In 1913 he emigrated to America. Due to a head injury caused by a dispute, he suffered from memory problems. Filippo Bentivegna returned as a broken man to his hometown of Sciacca. There he lived as a strange artist lonely and secluded at the foot of Monte Kronio. In his "Castello Incantato" he chiseled in his life an enormous number of unusual heads in stone and carved faces in the wood of olive trees.
Type de film :
Polaroid® 665
Appareil Photo :
Mamiya Universal
Vue :
426 fois
Date d'ajout :
© tripleZone

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