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Karesuando church

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- Le Dicoroïd de tripleZone

Karesuando church

Triplezone - Vendredi 02 Novembre 2018 à 17h 15m 27s
Merci beaucoup pour vous commentaires et l'entreprise amicale.

At this Saturday afternoon we left Sweden by taking the bridge from Karesouando to Karesuvanto, the finnisch part of the town on the other side of the river. We had only few time and after 500 km behind us, there were 200 km before us on this third day of the travel. We crossed Finland by using E8 and 93 to the Norwegian boarder at Hetta. Following the vanishing sun in the North we had dull light in a very silent country. Our plan was to find a place for the night in the mountains northwest of Kautokeino.
Facono - Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018 à 22h 56m 56s
It could give you back faith!

Charles p. - Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018 à 21h 52m 11s
Same comment as Jean Jacques. Let's follow your footprints!
Jj_reypol - Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018 à 16h 55m 58s
Nice Pola ! It's wonderful to folow you on the map; after this point I think you crossed the border to Finland; but not completely sure ;-)
Consommable - Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018 à 16h 47m 31s
Jolie ascension pour parvenir à l'élévation.
Axakadam - Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018 à 13h 19m 11s
Yesss !
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Titre :
Karesuando church
Description :
Sweden's nothernmost church, located directly at Muonio Älv, the border to Finland. The church was built in 1816, almost completely collapsed in 1866 and was rebuilt in 1905.

Mamiya Sekor 3.5/100, 664 exp. 08/2009.
Type de film :
Polaroid® 664
Appareil Photo :
Mamiya Universal
Vue :
287 fois
Date d'ajout :
© tripleZone

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