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par PeteD
sam. 01 novembre 2014 / 17:53 pm
Forum : Questions about Polaroid® films
Sujet : Trying to get a Polaroid OneStep to work!
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More than like the batteries are dead. They are located in the film package/holder. If you look ath the bottom you will see two slits in the case with two shiny chrome looking objects at the end. this is the batteries. The bronze looking photo is actually a negative. When you press the shutter butto...
par PeteD
jeu. 09 octobre 2014 / 03:48 am
Forum : Questions about Polaroid® films
Sujet : Do they sell polariod 600 film at walmart or Kmart?
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Sorry but that film has not been sold in a while.

Best to get new from the Impossible project. Or if you want original stock turn to Ebay. Just try to get some from 2005 and newer
par PeteD
jeu. 09 octobre 2014 / 02:38 am
Forum : Welcomes and Introductions
Sujet : Hello from North Carolina.
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Hello from North Carolina.

Hi from NC . Just found this site.

Have been into photography past couple of years. But have always loved the Polaroids. Recently went to a thrift store and seen one I could not pass up. So now, I am loving the old school look.

Just lurking around a little and will start posting soon.

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