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Messagepar Theezm » mer. 26 juin 2013 / 21:44 pm

My name is Morgan, formally known as Theezm here on Polaroid Passion. I reside in the friendly backwoods of Massachusetts where most of the experiments in photography take place. I enjoy making and working with pinhole cameras, printing cyanotypes and shooting with expired film. My cameras range from a line of Lomography products (this would include a 35mm and 120mm Holga, Recesky, Splitcam, and a Lomokino). Although I almost never touch digital cameras, I do carry around a Nikon DSLR.

As for Polaroid cameras, the four I have in my possession are a Polaroid EE100, Super Shooter, One Step close up, and a J66 Land Camera. I have to admit that I haven't shot with three out of the four, I've managed to snap a few shots with some 600 film with the One Step. They'll be up soon enough.

It's a pleasure to become a member and share a medium still circulating in the realm of instant photography!


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Messagepar Fabrice_K* » mer. 26 juin 2013 / 21:51 pm

>> " Si tu veux devenir champion olympique, tu t'entraines avec des lions, pas avec des chats " Didier Favori <<

>> Cas dopage A(r)mstrong : J'ai toujours trouvé bizarre un type qui pouvait marcher sur la Lune, gagner 7 Tours de France tout en jouant de la trompette !! <<

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