Polaroid Spirit 600

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Polaroid Spirit 600

Messagepar tthronburg » jeu. 26 juillet 2012 / 18:55 pm

I am looking into getting a used polaroid older camera which is the Polaroidn Spirit 600, and wanted to know if you could still get the film for this camera? I am going to be using it for my wedding reception and guest book so around 500+ photos will be taken with it.

Please let me know, also if there are places that can work on these still that would be helpful. I live in a small Wyoming town so we are not close to really big retailers or distributors

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Messagepar Francis » ven. 03 août 2012 / 09:04 am

here is a big choice of these:

they take PX680 films from the Impossible Project
Look at our polaroid books, cameras and accessories at http://www.polamad.com
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