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Polaroid SocialMatic Help...

Publié : jeu. 31 décembre 2015 / 11:50 am
par statesofdurd
I have been the lucky recipient of a Polaroid SocialMatic for Christmas. The camera is great and works really well. But I have a couple of issues and I'm hoping somebody out there can help.

When accessing the installed SocialMatic app (represented by the socialmatic icon), the menu option on the right hand side, labelled "Social Access", crashes the app every time I try to access the SocialMatic photo network from that location. The error I get is "Unfortunately, SocialMatic has stopped". And then it just closes. So I can't access the photo network from the installed app. I have downloaded the Socialmatic app from the Google Play store but I understand it's not the same and obviously doesn't have the same fluidity when taking pics, printing, and uploading.

Has anybody else had this problem and can anybody help?

I also get the same issue when trying to play the installed User Guide video.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Publié : jeu. 31 décembre 2015 / 15:08 pm
par LMT
Hello, this is an analog photographs forum, not a digital one... Sorry...