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Help me decide....

Publié : ven. 29 mars 2013 / 23:14 pm
par durr3
I found a "like new" Polaroid 110B. Really, I am not sure it has ever been used. It came in the original Polaroid shipping box. I even have the invoice from Polaroid plus all the other paperwork.

My question is: What would you do? Would you get it converted to 4x5 or leave it like it is to look at on the shelf?

Does not seem like these Polaroids are going up in value....or might they?

Let's hear some views and opinions.


Publié : ven. 29 mars 2013 / 23:25 pm
par dirty epic
You can convert it to a Pack-100 camera :

4x5 polaroid is dying and Fuji stopped the production.

But for a pack 100 you will find easily fp-100C et fp-3000B.

Conversion is not so hard, you can find some tips (especially for setting the focus) on the web.

Publié : dim. 07 avril 2013 / 16:13 pm
par 3rdTrick
I have a converted 110 (packfilm) and it is quite an awesome camera. As far as collectors go, I do not see a skyrocketing value for the old Polaroids but when collectors do buy, they want boxes, paperwork and the condition that you have. If I had yours, I would probably look for another 110 to convert and keep the nice on as a shelf ornament.

Publié : dim. 07 avril 2013 / 18:37 pm
par Greg Miller
I would try the "600SE" conversion, meaning the camera would have a removable and interchangeable back and you could shoot either FP100C/3000B and Polaroid pack films, or 4"X5" when available. Not the easiest, but those cameras only bring money because of their potential after being retrofitted.

Publié : mar. 23 avril 2013 / 01:12 am
par Xpired
Hi durr3, seems you are pretty emotional attached to this beautiful pathfinder and all the special things that came with it. If you are, leave it as it is and enjoy looking at it. Value will go up as more and more people appriciate these old polaroid camera's.
But what I would do is take out the hacksaw and convert it to a pack camera.
Actually I found a perfect victim myself, a 110A that awaits the very same treat.

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Publié : sam. 03 mai 2014 / 18:18 pm
par 3rdTrick
Ok, the spammers got us again but it does make us wonder: Durr, what did you decide to do with your camera?