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Sx-70 Box Type Shutter Issue

Publié : lun. 20 novembre 2017 / 00:31 am
par DeacanTheCat
Ok so, I have my SX-70 one-step camera that I've had for about a year now. I had purchased it on Ebay, yes a little sketchy, but the camera worked great! However, now I'm having some issues. The last four pictures I've taken have come out completely dark and blank. I'm assuming that the issue is that the film isn't getting exposed. So, i took another picture and looked at the camera shutter while taking a picture. It seemed like the shutter didn't open? I'm not too sure what it's supposed to look like since this is my first Polaroid camera. I'm positive it's not an issue with film packs because I've tested it on two now. So this has to be a problem with the internal mechanics of the camera. Anyone have any ideas?

This is a One-Step Polaroid Land Camera of the SX-70 series. It has a rainbow strip running down the middle.