Polaroid 95B Camera-Compatible Film

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Polaroid 95B Camera-Compatible Film

Messagepar Rmpix » ven. 15 février 2013 / 23:50 pm

I have a Polaroid 95B Camera and wondered if there is any film made these days for BW 3x4 or similar sized photos. Ideally would like to use the Fuji 3000B film, and would like to know which camera works with that film.

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Messagepar 3rdTrick » sam. 16 février 2013 / 00:38 am

Hi Rmpix,
Sorry, roll film is long gone. Your 95B can be converted to use packfilm but the conversion is expensive and better off done on a 110 A or B camera. Basically you have a nice shelf ornament. The good news is that you can find a nice 100 series packfilm camera very cheap and with minor modifications will work great with the Fuji 3000B filmpacks. Read the threads here and it should help you pick out a camera.

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Greg Miller
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Messagepar Greg Miller » sam. 16 février 2013 / 04:09 am

I have several of those old 40-series roll-film cameras and have very fond memories of using them, with all the crazy antics to load it and pull the film through this maze of crap, then pulling the print out of the trap door in the back. It was quite a show to someone who hears Polaroid and thinks of the integral film that is so synonymous with the name, only to see this monster and catch a whiff of the print-coater...

You should find yourself a cheap hard-body ColorPack camera to get accustomed to the film. The Fuji films work fantastic in these cameras- I shoot tons of it and it always works flawlessly (unless I screw something up myself). They turn up for $5 or less on eBay all the time and they always work. Just have to find yourself some flash cubes for it- only pain in the ass.

Then, go out and find a nice 100-series folding ColorPack, or even a ProPack with a nice electronic flash. This will get you out using it a bunch. Plus, the ProPack makes life really easy indoors, as long as you can estimate distance pretty well- they don't have a range finder, so you have to guess. The older cameras have a rangefinder, but getting an electronic flash to work can be tricky on these. I think they have better optics, so if you can get a flash, it may be the way to go.

If you're really in love with the big old 40-series cameras, you can get a nice 150 or 800 modified by someone if you're willing to spend a few bucks and shoot the Fuji film in that. These cameras may well have had the best optics of all, so it would not disappoint!
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