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Flaming bride
Beach with three sheeps
Where ice floats
Becher with house
übeltal overview
It's instant man
Can't reach
Bastiank polaroid 64 expired instant color tungsten 4x5 sheet film analog large format wista field camera familie kalous lusen nationalpark bayerischer wald rache bastian julia schoki dog woman man together family nature on mountain top
We and the fjords
Scouting each other
From the boat
Follow me my friend
On the search for open water
Feeling the ocean


J&b - Mardi 23 Octobre 2012 à 11h 15m 35s
@ Joannes
It was a good morning and it's even better when i see that you love my pictures ;-)
Thank you so so much!

@ Invader
Thanks Invader!
It's such a magical place there around... I love to go there a lot more :-)

@ Jj_reypol
Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!
Makes me happy!

@ Lehiboo

@ Ancatdubh
Thank you for your charming words :-)
I love to read them!
Ancatdubh - Vendredi 19 Octobre 2012 à 13h 20m 07s
very poetic as always :)
Jj_reypol - Jeudi 18 Octobre 2012 à 14h 54m 16s
What a great picture ! —> I go to the "I like" button ;-)
Invader - Jeudi 18 Octobre 2012 à 12h 29m 47s
Amazing atmosphere !
Joannes - Jeudi 18 Octobre 2012 à 09h 36m 08s
A morning with cool picture on pola-passion.
Good way to start the day ...
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Titre :
Type de film :
Polaroid® 59
Appareil Photo :
Wista 45
Vue :
1602 fois
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© J&B

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