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Seljanes lighthouse

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- Le Dicoroïd de tripleZone

Seljanes lighthouse

Triplezone - Jeudi 10 Septembre 2020 à 19h 30m 17s
Thank you very much for your report, Olivier. Driftwood is obviously a valuable commodity where there are no trees or forests. Before the Vikings conquered the then uninhabited Iceland at the end of the ninth century, a quarter of the country was forested. Within a century, the settlers cut 97 percent of the native birch trees in order to have wood for building and space for pasture. The forest has not recovered from this to this day.

Merci Jean Jacques! With 0.5 percent of the area, Iceland is the least forested country in Europe. No vegetation protects the soil from erosion, it cannot hold water. Desert spreads. In its climate protection plan, the Icelandic government has made afforestation one of the priorities for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. There are now tree nurseries all over the country in order to be able to plant new forests. Because of the nitrogen-poor soils and the low temperatures even in summer, the trees grow very slowly. Climate change and warming appear to be accelerating growth in Iceland and, with it, carbon uptake. More than three million trees have been planted in Iceland since 2015, which corresponds to an area of around 1,000 hectares. Not everywhere, but there are small forests in many places. We didn't see that 12 years ago when we first traveled to the island.
Jj_reypol - Mercredi 09 Septembre 2020 à 21h 39m 33s
Incredible harsh atmosphere, and all this wood with no trees around…
Facono - Mercredi 09 Septembre 2020 à 17h 18m 48s
Very good Nordic atmosphere, with the fog in the distance blurring the horizon. I love these seaside landscapes where you can find piles of driftwood, like along the Pacific coast in the USA.
But closer to home, in Brittany, this resource is rarer, much sought after on the western islands (Le Ponant) where forests are non-existent and there is a strong demand for timber to build houses. On the island of Ouessant, for example, the whole side towards the open sea is crossed by stone bollards which indicate the property of a family on part of the beach. This part of the seashore ("piece of cake") is passed on by inheritance and is the subject of bitter negotiations.I have often observed at the end of afternoon just after the high tide, old people on foot or on mopeds walking along the shore and putting aside, in piles, all the pieces of wood recovered from the beach, torn from the sea and on which they put a heavy stone to signal their catch (and property).
It was out of the question for anyone else to get their hands on it.

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Suivant Hvannadalsá
Herring factory Ingólfsfjörður

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Titre :
Seljanes lighthouse
Description :
The small lighthouse on the headland separating Ófeigsfjörður and Ingólfsfjörður. In the foreground driftwood from Siberia, which is landing in the north of the West Fjords in large quantities. It is still an important raw material in Iceland and there are many gatherings everywhere on the beaches.

Mamiya Sekor 3.5/100; 667 exp. 08/2009
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